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the hidden blueprint responsible for over $40,000 in monthly revenue as an organic marketer without ads or complex setup - never BEFORE REVEALED process
Let me show you the little-known secrets behind my $40k+ per month business.
If you're looking for a way to attract higher quality leads and convert more of these into high ticket buyers, 
this workshop is for you. 
Read This Before 
Going ANY Further
From The Desk Of Jamie Gardiner
Thanks for checking out FIFS (Freedom In 4 Steps). 

This exclusive workshop shows the inner workings of my business. All the hacks, tips, tricks and strategies that propelled me from $0 - $10,000 per month, then capped off with the ninja monetisation techniques to scale that to beyond $40,000+ per month. 

I look forward to seeing you crush your goals!
If you’re an affiliate marketer, coach, consultant or course creator and you’ve felt this before;
‘I just don’t know where to find buyers…’ 

‘No one in my audience has money…..’

'How do I get buyers to come to me?'

'How do I sell without feeling gross?'

'How to craft the perfect offer?'


'What are the best, tried and tested ways to exctract cashflow from my audience without complex setup, ads or funnels?'

This never-before-seen approach to business 
is exactly what you need....

Here’s the thing though….
This stuff is NOT going to be doable for most people. In fact, I would hazard a guess and say only a small portion of those that read this will ‘get it.’  

Whilst it's actually pretty easy once you know how to craft an offer and build an audience, most people just want the done for you stuff. 

Also, if your intention is to use these techniques for quick cash without looking after the interests of your audience, this definitely isn't for you. 

No hard feelings, but best you close this tab now.

However, if you’re even mildly intrigued as to how you can use simple processes leveraging your everyday social media activities in your marketing and a  few special hacks to extract cash from your audience at will (almost no one’s heard of)...

To not only understand your audience but deeply connect with them and ethically sell to them in the process, this is for you… 

With that said, let me show you...

Exactly what you’re getting

This workshop will be dramatically different than anything you’ve experienced before because it’s not built on theory and is straight to the point.

This is real world applicable frameworks and processes so you can attract the top percentage of your audience that has the financial resources to invest in your programs.

You’ll be able to craft money-making posts, create overwhelmingly compelling offers that attract your perfect audience like sharks to blood and have a goodybag filled with high-level monetisation techniques to extract maximum value from your audience. 

Better yet, is you’ll have repeatable processes to follow to extract cashflow at will. 

You'll also be getting an inside scoop on the organic strategies I use to build strong relationships with my audience that allows me to sell with ease. 

Not only will they feel a deep connection and bond with you through your content, sales methodology offer, but you'll also be able to sell more at higher rates too!


  • How to attract the ‘right’ audience that are ready, willing and practically begging to invest in your programs, coaching and courses!

  • Why this simple process will allow you to build an audience, craft content that sells and sell in a way that's highly congruent with your brand philosophy - No slimey sales tactics!

  • Why the common way most people think of their offers is doomed for failure

  • ​3 key tasks to focus on DAILY. Without these, you're leaving money on the table!


  • Have you been making this common 'big money' mistake? (Most don’t even know they’re doing it!)

  • If you find yourself struggling with what to write, this will give absolute clarity and allow you to create your content with ease!

  • How to eliminate the ‘lurkers’ - You know the drill. You put up a post, you get a couple of bot-like comments such as ‘happy days!’ and no buyers. The technique is like insect repellent for freebie seekers. 


  • This ‘secret tool’ reserved for my 1-1 students (who pay me thousands for a few hours work with them) will be responsible for producing high quality content in a moment!

    NB: I’m yet to see anything like this out there. 

  • What your competitors aren’t doing and why it’s costing them sales - better yet, how knowing this can help you attract more buyers EVEN if you’re brand new!

  • This simple, 4-step process will help you build a stronger brand, make more sales and truly help your audience
Look, I don’t know where you’re business is at right now, but what I do know is I’ve mastered the art of organic marketing that;
  • Converts cold audience members into buyers (and repeat customers) time and time again

  • Repels the lurkers and attracts those who have the funds, willingness and ability to buy NOW!

  • ​Speaks to the subconscious desires of my audience and allows me to deeply connect with them and sell them anything.

  • ​Is easy and fun to produce!
Thankfully, there’s a system for producing this too!
The cool thing is, a system can be duplicated. 

The system needed to attract your buyers with ease can now be yours.

here's what to do next...
If you're serious about spending less time in your business, making more money through your activities and attracting your perfect audience to you with ease, simply click below and pick up a copy of the

There Is No Catch....

No 7-step upsell or anything. Once you jump onboard, you'll get instant access to the workshop, tools, resources and templates to start attracting more leads and sales!

let me sweeten the deal for you with these added extra's...
  • Responsible for millions of dollars in sales on and offline
  • Sell in messenger and over zoom/phone
  • Know the exact things to say and how
  • Valued at $297
  • Reserved for my private students, this tool allows you to create an endless stream of content
  • Never run out of content ideas again
  • Map out a week's worth of content in minutes
  • Valued at $297
  • Simple process I use to bring in endless leads
  • Fully organic and simple to setup
  • Valued at $197
  • Watch over my shoulder as I break down a real-life messenger close for a high ticket program
  • Understand the psychology behind the flow of conversation 
  • Repeatable for consistent sales 
  • Valued at $197
  • An exclusive list of evolving content I've used to bring in leads and sales
  • Model the formats of the posts and see how they performed
  • Valued at $197

Total Additional Value 

= $1,185

It's taken me years to learn this stuff and10's of thousands invested in programs, courses, memberships and more. 

Including my added bonuses and the potential earnings you can make from crafting content that attracts better buyers, this program represents $5,000+ worth of value...


This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds



This might be the most ironclad guarantee out there (I must be nuts for this!)

If this workshop DOES NOT help get you more leads and sales and help you attract your perfect audience, I will give you a full refund + PAY YOU $50 for wasting your time!

Of course, if you're one of those weirdos who peruses the internet looking for ways to fleece these kinds of guarantees (i.e taking no action, looking to blame others for your lack of success or if you just haven't tried), you can leave now (Oh and may the fleas from a thousand camels infest you for all your days). 

Seriously though, for everyone else I am being serious on this one. 

Reach out and I will refund you and pay you for your time. 

How's that for a guarantee?
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